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Entertainment Law

Have you been given an entertainment-related contract to sign?

Are you currently under a management or recording deal and want to know your rights under the deal?

Are you interested in signing new talent to your music label?

Are you in need of negotiations for an upcoming entertainment venture? 

Are you wondering how to trademark your company’s logo?

Our law firm has years of experience representing clients in all aspects of entertainment law.  We have extensive and diverse experience in the representation of recording artists, music publishers, composers, managers, record labels, music and television producers, and on-air television talent in the acquisition, negotiation and re-negotiation of significant industry agreements.  We can provide legal advice to actors, writers, directors, producers, managers, agents as well as production, financing and distribution companies, networks and studios in the film, television, cable and interactive media sectors. Our office can cover virtually every aspect of the business—from drafting and negotiating exclusive recording agreements to complex publishing agreements.  Our law firm can also handle the business and legal affairs for major and independent record companies.

Why hire an experienced entertainment lawyer?

You should hire an experienced entertainment attorney to ensure that you not only understand the contract(s) you are signing but that your rights are duly protected within the contract(s).  Typically the recording artists or companies that find themselves in a bad position after a contract has been signed failed to hire an attorney to review the contract(s) before signing on the dotted line.  YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.  After all, you worked hard to get to where you are, right?  The best investment you will make is hiring an experienced entertainment attorney that will look out for your rights and make sure you are in the best position possible.  Whether you are a recording artist or a music label looking for legal representation our office has the knowledge and experience necessary to help maximize your artistic goals and protect your rights and money.

The truth of the matter is that many people in the entertainment industry do not understand the rights that they are potentially giving away when they sign a contract—many music producers or recording artists often sign a “work for hire” contract not fully understanding that they may be signing away up to millions of dollars in royalties.  This is exactly why good legal representation is needed in order to protect your work and your money.

Some of what we have done:

  • Provide legal representation and advise to artists and music labels in various aspects of entertainment law
  • Negotiate and draft: exclusive recording artist agreements; touring agreements; management agreements; synchronization agreements; publishing agreements; and licensing agreements, among other standard and complex industry agreements
  • Re-negotiated and drafted complex television production agreements
  • Trademark and copyright registrations
  • Negotiated releases for internationally acclaimed composer and recording artist
  • Negotiate complex movie producer agreement
  • Handled negotiations in complex copyright and DCMA violation claims
  • Engage in aggressive cease and desist efforts
  • Engage in collection of unpaid royalties and earnings
  • Negotiated bookings/engagement and promotion engagements
  • Represented Artist and protected Artist’s interest on national television show, NBC’s The Voice
  • Work closely with ASCAP ensuring our clients’ registrations and royalties are accurate

The above is not an exhaustive list of all the services we can provide.  Our law firm is qualified to help our clients maximize their rights and priorities. From A to Z, the Corona Law Firm, PA has the ability and knowledge to ensure your rights are protected, that your royalty income is made timely, and that audits are conducted regularly in accordance with the terms of your agreement.  In addition, in the event the terms of any deal are breached or not fully satisfied, our experienced team of trial attorneys can litigate the matter effectively and aggressively on behalf of our clients.  Call us today for your free consultation!