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Our personal injury lawyers know that after an accident the victim’s injuries can cost more than just the expense of the immediate physical injuries. Today, there are few injuries (or types of accidents) that our attorneys have not already represented in a personal injury claim.

Talk to one of our lawyers about the details of your accident before you attempt to calculate a dollar amount for the settlement of any personal injury or accidental death claim.

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With extensive experience as a personal injury law firm, we have represented accident victims with differing levels of personal injury from soft-tissue (or “whiplash”) injuries to devastating paralysis from serious head and spinal injuries.

Good personal injury lawyers understand damages from the strict physical viewpoint as well as the long-term picture of the survivor’s emotional or financial future. In support of our client’s case, we may retain the professional services of premier medical doctors for their analysis and expert testimony in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

As for the non-physical impact of your personal damages, we may use non-medical experts such as economists who can calculate an accident victim’s financial losses, or a vocational rehabilitation expert who can determine the costs and impact of occupational retraining.

If the injuries you received in the accident force you to train for a different job role, the availability of new jobs in that career field and the potential for your future earnings will also be included in the total amount of your case.

At Corona Law Firm P.A., we will: analyze, document, calculate and present accurate dollar amounts for losses for a personal injury case or wrongful death lawsuit.

Some personal injuries have a psychological component that must be understood when evaluating a personal injury or wrongful death case for reparation.

Independent studies have shown the emotional and financial strain of an unexpected accident, even an accident with no devastating injuries, can result in “Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.” In turn, these personal injuries can lead to employment problems, higher divorce rates, estranged family relationships and an overall failure for the accident victim to function normally in society.

No Cost – No Obligation Consultation

An experienced personal injury lawyer should always consider how an accident might impact the rest of their client’s life. Personal injuries such as disfigurement or permanent disability can cause a lifelong challenge for an accident victim. For example, the impact of damages from an accident involving personal injury or wrongful death can affect:

  • Loss of Income & Potential Loss of Employment
  • Unforeseen Costs of Future Medical Care
  • Costs for Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
  • Vocational Therapy & Costs of Re-Training
  • Victim’s Mental Health or Emotional State
  • Severity of Victim’s Pain and Suffering

A family’s future income and security can immediately be impacted by an unexpected auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, nursing home accident and other personal injury or an accidental death. You don’t have to face the big insurance companies alone.

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