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Premises Liability

In real life, slipping, tripping and other falling accidents aren’t always a laughing matter. In fact, they are often dangerous.

Accidents that involve falling can actually cause serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and even death. That is why Florida law requires

Credit card litigation

Credit card litigation has become a very highly contested and busy field in recent years due to various reasons, including the economic crisis. CORONA LAW FIRM P.A. has a department dedicated to these actions. It is very important to have representation in these cases to defend one’s rights and to avoid final judgments, which can lead to

Short Sale

For borrowers facing the possibility of losing their property to a foreclosure, a short sale may be an excellent option to explore. A short sale can help you avoid a foreclosure and if you are already in foreclosure, can help get you out of foreclosure.

What is a short sale?

A Short Sale (sometimes referred to as a pre-foreclosure sale) is when