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Providing solutions that work for you

The Corona Law Firm is a nationally recognized law firm that is licensed in The State of Florida. At the Corona Law Firm, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with excellent and cost-effective representation for their legal needs.

Whether you were involved in a criminal matter, an immigration issue, injured in an accident, problems with your employer, need assistance with a Real Estate transaction or Loan Modification, or struggling with an impending foreclosure, our Attorneys will advocate aggressively in achieving the results you deserve.

We are licensed in Federal we are able to pursue your case in State or Federal Court. In either venue, our staff of 85 employees including 15 attorneys will pursue your case aggressively and in the most cost effective manner.

We listen carefully to your problems, and we truly care about what happens to you.

CORONA LAW FIRM P.A. is ready to assist you with the following:


Bankruptcy is not the only solution, but can be a great tool for people that are facing financial issues or trying to save their home. There are currently new programs available that may help you to save your home by filing for Bankruptcy, but if if you have to, t should only be used when it is really necessary.

There are new options in Bankruptcy now that can help you save your home. We take the time to explain all the legal issues, risks and consequences involved in your situation. Then we guide you through the process.

We believe each client deserves our full attention and respect. We may help you obtain a fresh financial start through filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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We analyze your situation, identify the problem and figure out a plan of action that will work for you.


The Corona Law Firm is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of legal counsel. With strong principles of client service, Corona Law Firm has consistently made it a priority to exceed client’s expectations.

At the Corona Law Firm, we can handle all of your civil matters.

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Criminal defense

We understand that a criminal conviction affects your family, your career, your reputation and your freedom.

We aggressively defend you in felony, misdemeanor, drug crimes, sex crimes, white collar crime, DUI or any other type of criminal case. We also help with expungements to keep your record clean.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, we know how to build a strong case in your defense. Our criminal defense staff of attorneys prepares for every case as if it is going to trial. We understand the importance of acting quickly in criminal cases.

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We provide aggressive representation in state and federal courts.

Family Law

A divorce ends your marriage even if your spouse wishes to remain married. We are here to help you during this tough time that you are going through. We take the time to sit with you and listen to your issues.

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At the Corona Law Firm, PA, we specialize in all types of family law matters including uncontested divorces, contested divorces, annulments, paternity, relocation and child support.

Foreclosure defense

The prospect of losing your home is devastating. We can help you keep your home even if you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments.

Many cases are being scheduled for trials, and our attorneys are experienced in these areas of foreclosure. While every case is different, it is possible to win your foreclosure trial.

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Our firm is knowledgeable about Florida and federal laws that protect homeowners.


THE CORONA LAW FIRM, PA. provides legal representation to non-citizens in removal proceedings in immigration courts in Miami and throughout Florida, as well as representation and assistance with preparation of applications for Naturalization, Permanent Residency, Family Petitions, Deferred Action.

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If you have any immigration question or issue, the Corona Law Firm P.A. can try to assist you.

Labor Law

Learn More about Labor Law

Loss Mitigation

We can help you avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy by exploring other options that may give you a chance to catch up on your payments, restructure your mortgage or possibly allow you to have past-due amounts forgiven by the creditor.

There are several loss mitigation options available today that were not available a couple years ago.

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Through these programs, we can help negotiate with your bank or lender.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury lawyers know that after an accident the victim’s injuries can cost more than just the expense of the immediate physical injuries. Today, there are few injuries (or types of accidents) that our attorneys have not already represented.

Learn more about. Personal Injury

We listen to your specific case and seek to get you the best results available.


Learn more about Wills/Probate

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    I came to this country very young my legal status right now ibhave a green card which expires this year I would like to renew my green card or apply for citizenship but due to a terrible relationship I was charged with domestic violence but never convicted of any of the charges against me. Would that affect me in any way to renew my greencard or to file for citizenship, I am currently legally disable due to my medical condition what could I be able to do?

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