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Mediation is a procedure which is Court approved where parties meet and attempt to negotiate a settlement with a neutral party called a mediator running the meeting.

At CORONA LAW FIRM P.A., we have a department solely dedicated to mediations. Mediations are possible in all kinds of civil cases, and we do extensive amounts of mediations in various fields including: labor, family, bankruptcy and foreclosure.

The mediation department includes professional paralegals and attorneys. As a team we schedule and prepare all matters regarding the mediation including proposals, financial packages and a working file for the attorneys to bring to the mediation.

The Corona Law Firm P.A. takes pride in the fact that our financial packages in foreclosure matters are considered very complete and while every case is different, many of the packages we have prepared for the mediations have led to modifications.

In addition, the mediation process is a very useful instrument in opening communications, obtaining an understanding of the other party’s position, and discovering problems and obstacles in a case.

Through the valuable tool of mediation, you can open communication and avenues to future settlements and modifications and bring your contested civil action to close.

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